The Strongest Name In Come-Alongs... Tough, Durable and Built in the USA

"Thank You. How nice of your company to find a way to accommodate one little customer. It is such a thrill to deal with an American company making American products and helping American customers. It is a rarity these days." -Gary, Mini-Mule Owner, Iowa

Steel Clevis & Cotter Pin

easily removes from swivel assembly

Ratchet Wheel

with cable drum welded for dependability and easy cable changing

Concealed Safety Automatic,
Notch-At-A-Time Release Control

strong tension spring encased in handle,
cannot be accidentally released

Center-Pull Handle Design

for better balanced one-handed operation

Heat-Treated Components

for extra strength and durability

High Tension Strength 11-Gauge Handle

will not bend or fail in normal use

Durable Insulating Hand Grip

with finger grips for added comfort
and a better grip

Unique Swivel & Yoke Design

welded for maximum strength

Stop Pawls

lever and tension spring control

Durable Plastic Cover with a
Concealed Springsteel Cable Brake

Massive Heli-Arc Welded 11-Gauge Steel Frame

short,compact body design

Cable Coupling

design for easy cable change

Military Grade Aircraft
Type Wire Rope

galvanized against rust

Pulley with 11-Gauge Side Plates

solid steel sheaves

Forged Steel Hooks with
Safety Latch

easily removed

Heavy Duty, Double Drive

  • Ratchet wheels on both sides for a balanced drive
  • Double locking and driving pawls independently sprung - ensure alignment with ratchet wheel teeth
  • Tubular steel cable drum - minimize distortion and binding, locking and lifting
  • Uniform pressure applied to both sides of cable drum

Model Pull Capacity
MM16DD 6 FT. 1 TON
MM19DD 9 FT. 1 TON
MM112DD 12 FT. 1 TON
MM212DD 6 FT. 2 TON

1/2 Ton Personal

  • Now, an industrial tool designed and priced for personal use
  • Simplified release control of drive pawls for raising or lowering
  • Unique design allows clevis a full 360-degree rotation
  • Brake cable spring fabricated for easy in-field maintenance

Model Pull Capacity
MM5014 14 FT. 1/2 TON
MM5028 28 FT. 1/2 TON

1-2 Ton Convertible

  • Two-in-one model
  • Change over easily accomplished
  • Easily converts to 1 or 2 ton capacity
  • Single Drive and Double Drive

Model Pull Capacity
MM1212C 6-12 FT. 1-2 TON
MM1212CDD 6-12 FT. 1-2 TON

3/4 Ton- 2 Ton Commercial

  • Most popular, wide-utility models
  • Minimum distance between hooks — 18"-20"
  • 18:1 power ratio (3/4-1 TON) easily handles 2,000 lbs.
  • 36:1 power ratio (2 TON) easily handles 4,000 lbs.

Model Pull Capacity
MM16R 6 FT. 1 TON
MM19R 9 FT. 1 TON
MM112R 12 FT. 1 TON
MM7518 18 FT. 3/4 TON
MM212R 6 FT. 2 TON


Selecting and Using Your Mini-Mule

"I'm hooked on Mini-Mules!" -Leo, Oil & Gas Industry and Mini-Mule Owner, Texas

Come-alongs are one of those “must have” tools if your job requires any kind of lifting, pulling, stretching, moving, tightening, positioning or installing of heavy parts or materials... especially when you don’t have electrical or hydraulic power at hand. Using the principles of leverage and force, come-alongs allow you to multiply your strength to perform near superhuman tasks. Here are some tips on using your Mini-Mule correctly and safely:

  • Come-alongs are rated by capacity, which you should never exceed. A good idea is to buy one that is rated at more capacity than you think you will ever need.

  • This is one area where you really don’t want to skimp on your tools... look for a come-along that is made with quality materials and manufacturing.

  • Like many tools, come-alongs can be dangerous when not used properly. Read the operation and safety instructions carefully. Know and understand how to operate your come-along. Never use a leverage aid -- like a pipe -- on the handle. Know the proper way to rig the cables and hooks. And lastly, inspect for frayed cables or bent components before every use.

Mini-Mule come-alongs have the durable quality needed to provide years of powerful performance anywhere hard work needs to get done... by DEUER.

Instructional Video

Please check out our Mini-Mule Instructional Video.

Mini-Mule Instructional Video